20 April 2015

Oh, no… not another IoT blog…!

- Instead of a manifesto -


Does humankind really need another Internet of Things blog? Well, maybe… It depends.

If it is going to be one of those posting about the latest trendy connected gadgets or the ones about the latest predictions about how IoT is going to rule the world, then the answer is arguably ‘no’. There’s a little chance that it could do it better than IoT Insights, The Internet of All Things or Postscapes.

But I could hardly find any site that suggests actual solutions to simple IoT problems. Technical problems that a start-up, a maker or a designer may have when trying to build a connected thing and needs to collect, transfer, store and present data. I think we do need more blogs like Building Internet of Things or the IoT channel of Instructables.

What is this IoT after all?

Just Google it and you will find loads of answers. But I doubt that anyone really knows at the moment. What seems to be sure that there are the Things (tangible physical devices) and there is the Internet (much more intangible and usually abstracted away in the term Cloud) and there is the communication between the two. As per today, the human element should be mentioned as well, who is usually in some kind of interaction with the Things or wants to perceive in some form what is collected in the Cloud. However, there is a strong trend to eliminate this last element as much as possible and leave the Things and the Cloud alone to live their happy life on their own.

So, what’s next?

As I am a tech guy, expect technical posts. No market insights, no musings about the latest industry trends, no colourful infocharts. I like getting my hands dirty, so expect technical tips and tricks from the world of the Things and the Cloud instead. But not l’art pour l’art technical. There is always a practical problem in the background to solve either taken directly from real life or simplified somehow to make it easier to discuss in a post.

I hope you will find them useful.

Posted by TBo